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Very new at this... Noobie question

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I am trying to use the "Autoit Window Info" to see if there is certain >>>visible text<<< on the screen. There is a section called >>>visible text<<< in the "Autoit Window Info" console I am trying to copy to clipboard.

How can I create an AutoIT script to copy the >>>visible text<<< area in the "AutoIT Window Info" console to the clipboard automatically?

I am very new to programming ANYTHING.

I didn't see anything in the forums on this and ANY guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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Thank you for your answer.

Is this the same as Opt("WinTextMatchMode", 1). What is this?

I have a database that has "tabs" and when I click on a tab, it shows in the "autoit Window info" under >>visible text<< because it has focus. I want to grab that text(from the tab) from the "AutoIT Window Info" and paste it to the clipboard.

Is your code able to grab the text from the screen and paste it? Do I have to parse this? What else do i need to do?


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