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Need ideas for game =P

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heh... I'm making a Tower Defense game and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what to do for the bullets or lazers or whatever, I figured it would be too hard on the computer if I made moving images that moved inch by inch....

I figured this is the wrong section for this, but I didn't want to put it under chit-chat because I might ask for examples too...

I practically have the whole game done(grid making, movement, tower placing, money, upgrading, all the images), but I don't have the bullets, or the mooving creeps(baisically 70% of the game)...


For lazers, I figured I could draw lines with some GDI thing(lost the script again, lol) and draw various lines...

Sorry, if this sounds like a riddiculous question... it's like 4 am right now...can't.. think...

[center]"When you look at old, classic games like Snake, you often put it off because it's such a simple game, but it's only when you actually try and create your own unique game from scratch, do you finally appreciate those games."[/center][center]Don't ask for answers if you haven't TRIED yet![/center][center]Most answers can be answered in the help file! Use it![/center]

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Sleep is good.

However, look for ProSpeed, or any of the Sprite UDFs. I'd looked into this a while back, there are some good options for graphics within AutoIt, using external packages to do the heavy lifting (autoit itself is too slow for fancy graphical stuff, or so I've been told.)

ProSpeed and Sprites, or search for 2D Graphics, or Graphics UDF. theres definitely stuff out there.

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