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Telnet scripting

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Hi to all!

I am new here, so be gentle...

I have problem with my ISP. Every time I restart my router, it is reconfigured by them with wrong MTU value. That makes me angry because I have to manually telnet to router and set the right one.

So, I decided to make some script to do this automatically but, dont know how.

I was trying to write some send procedure everything goes fine until password. Of course I know the password but terminal will not accept send keys.

What can I do? Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

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Just a stab in the dark here, forgive me if you've already thought of this...

Is it possible your telnet app simply isn't displaying the keys it was sent because it's a password field? Have you tried going ahead with sending the pwd key sequence followed by {ENTER} to see if it logs you in even though you can't see what's being sent?

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