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4Shared Batch Download

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I usualy download a lot of stuff from 4shared. It's great for videos and music, but it can be a nightmare to download an album song by song.

So I made this script to read a list of 4shared URLs from a CSV or TXT file, and download them one by one when I'm not using the computer.

The file format is simple: 1st column is the 4shared URL, and the 2nd column is the directory the file should be saved to. e.g.


I usualy use Excel to make these files.

The script works by manipulating an Internet Explorer window using some IE UDFs and some direct operations to the IE object. The script also generates logs in the working directory for easy tracking of download errors.

I'm sure someone can find an use for this :)


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Hi all there ............

am new to this forum.

i came across this script while googling.its a very useful script....thank u CoePSX.

but the thing s not working with me as i expected.also am a rookie in this.

can anyone here tell how to load the download links into this script.

i tried all the ways which i know,but the script is not identifying the download links.

is there any special formats to create the list ?

or does it automatically grabs the links from da list?

thanks in advance....

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