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String replace wild card

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I would like to replace everything after "|" with "" How can I do this.

I have this so far. I am looking for a "Wild Card" such as "*" I can not depend on trim since the strings are not common, and vary in length and placement of "|"

So really all I want to keep is everything before "|"

MsgBox(64, "OK ",StringReplace(GUICtrlRead(GUICtrlRead($listviewID)), "|", ""))


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StringRegExpReplace($sString, "\|.*?", "")

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StringRegExpReplace($sString, "\|.*?", "")

Maybe that should be

$Ans = StringRegExpReplace($sString, "\|.*", "") & '|'

or if you don't want the '|' included then

$Ans = StringRegExpReplace($sString, "\|.*", "")

ANother way is

$Ans = stringleft($sString,stringinstr($sString,'|'))

or, again, if you don't want the '|' then

$Ans = stringleft($sString,stringinstr($sString,'|') - 1)
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Sorry for the resurrection of an old post.....

I'm no good at RegEx, and I wrote this to get around it using StringReplace. Hope this makes sense. Might not be the best looking piece of code, but it does what the OP asks.

$string = "This is the text I want to keep|This is the text I want to delete"
$findText = "|*"
$replaceText = ""
$newString = StringReplace($string,WildCardFindText($findText,$string),$replaceText)
Func WildCardFindText($findText, $string)
If StringInStr($findText,"*") > 0 Then
  $WildCardPosition = StringInStr($findText,"*")
  If $WildCardPosition = StringLen($findText) Then
   $findText = StringLeft($findText,(StringLen($findText)-1))
   $findText = StringRight($string,(StringLen($string)-StringInStr($string,$findText))+1)
   $findText = StringRight($findText,(StringLen($findText)-1))
   $findText = StringLeft($string,(StringLen($string) - (StringLen($string)-StringInStr($string,$findText))))
Return $findText
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