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How do i properly shutdown my program when it gets killed


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I want to perform several cleanup actions, in the case my program ends.

Those cleanup actions should also be performed, when my program gets killed by e.g. taskkill (called without the /F force parameter).

I know from other languages, that there is a possibility to react on the "shutdown" message - i just can't find how to do this with autoit.

I found the windows event WM_QUERYENDSESSION, but this only applies to the shutdown of the complete machine.

Anybody any idea which Windows Event i have to register my program so that i can react on the "kill" of my program ?

Thanks in Advance,


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You could use a helper process that detects when the other process doesn't exists and then clean up the system.

sure i could do that, but then i would have to run two processes and i just do not like that idea.

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