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I have a GUI form which, when submitted, fills out information in a program. Everything works fine, except when I Send() one of the variables, the case is switched on every letter. Anyone encountered this?

This is basically what is happening:

$special = "This Is A STRING"
MsgBox(4096,'debug:' , '$special:' & $special);### Debug MSGBOX 
Send($special & "{ENTER}{DOWN}")

The MsgBox shows the string formatted as it is typed. Then when I send it, it shows in the form as "tHIS iS a string".

I even tried

Send(StringUpper($special) & "{ENTER}{DOWN}");  and StringLower()

And it still sent the different case version. This isn't a show stopper, but it is just strange behavior that I have never experienced using AutoIt with the crap program I'm stuck with at work.

I've half assed a solution by changing the string to all lower case through a temporary variable, which then sends the string upper cased (just about everything at my work is all upper cased, so this isn't a big deal.)

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but then he'd have to add another line to send the {enter}{down} commands.

send("This Is A STRING",1); this line sent RAW
send("{enter}{down}",0)   ; this line sent normal
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Caps lock is on maybe?


Who would have thought? Yes, sending {CAPSLOCK off}, then the text, then {CAPSLOCK on} did the job. Very Strange. Here is the significant code, for what it's worth:

Case $msg = $submit
            $po = GUIRead($gpo)
            $vendor = GUIRead($gvendor)
            $store = GUIRead($gstore)
            $start_date = GUIRead($gstart_date)
            $end_date = GUIRead($gend_date)
            $special = GUIRead($gspecial)
         Case Else

   WinActivate("Retail Pro")
   Send($po & "{DOWN}" & $store & "{DOWN}" & $store & "{TAB}" & $vendor & "{DOWN}")
   If WinWaitActive("Retail Pro", "Vendors", 2) Then
      WinWaitActive("Retail Pro", "FormPage")
   Send("{CAPSLOCK off}" & $special & "{ENTER}{DOWN}{CAPSLOCK on}")

See, the strange thing is, $po is a string value as well and gets sent correctly. It's just bizarre to me.

Anyways, thanks this-is-me.

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This is some of the functionality that would be great if it were included in au3. In python you can manipulate strings very easily and Jon, I think that you could wrap a few commands. string.lower() etc.

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