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Koda problem

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I have problem with koda problem I installed autoit, then autoit beta and then scite and when I want use koda it works perfectly until I log off or restart or shut down my computer.and when I log on again and then try run koda then nothing happens and windows even dont try execute it. I clicked on koda.exe like million times and nothing happens.

Things that I already tried but these things didnt help me:

*Drop mu user out of administrators group, then logged in with user administrator and overwritten koda so (to change other user to owner of koda so my current user should not have write permission)

*Set koda directory and all files in it to read only

*given to my current oser read only permission (I denied writing or modifying files)

It worked great until i restarted my comuter, and now nothing happens when i try execute koda.

Can anyone say how i can fix it? it it kind of virus? I have freshly installed win xp

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