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QT GUI Application automation

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Hi all

I'm trying to automate a QT-based GUI application, but I have a problem. None of

the windows spying tools (including AutoIt3 window info) can see into the controls

of an application. For example, if I try to get an info about a button, I can see that

it is a QWidget, and its control instance is 14; but I cannot see the text on the

button (for example, "Save"). And it is important for what I'm trying to do.

Is there any other way to get this information? Is there any other way to work with

applications that I cannot get information about?

Thanks a bunch

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As far as I know there is not much documented on sendmessages you can use to control QT.

You can combine logic of OCR reading if you can easily can get to the area of the QT control.


I thought PyQt is more like development framework. I need a testing one.

What I'm looking for is like Squish (which is in fact recommended by Trolltech for testing) but, like, free.


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