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Totally new to this forum

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Im new to this autoit programming thing, i used to do a bit of programming back in grade 10, but havent touched it in 5 years. So i guess i'm totally new to this.

But could someone help me make a script where these conditions are met:

-loop function, repeat


-input color of 2 different objects; this is within the script, ill input the color myself

-when object is seen, clicks that object, 1/3 of a second delay from object seen and object clicked

And could someone show me where i can find a color pixel map, so i can input the color

Thanks a lot

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Use while to make a loop

use pixelsearch to find a given color in a given space.

use mouseclick or controlclick to click on a given spot.

look in the helpfile for these keywords.


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Where do you plan to run this bot? Internet, Client program?

While/WEnd for your loop.

Macro/bot: What exactly?

Input color: Declare a variable with that color like: $Color1 = 0xFFFFFF, $Color2 = 0xFF0000

When 'object' is seen: MouseClick it, if its a Client program, or _IEAction() If it's on a webpage.

Best Hopes, J.B.

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