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Mininova Torrent Uploader

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Hi Guys,

Just started to use AutoIT. I've looked at the scripts in the documentation and read the forum as to how to automate forms in internet explorer. Now what I am looking for is a torrent uploader program, to work with mininova.


Basically it needs to search for .torrent files is folder A. Then it needs to look for the descriptions, which are txt files in folder B where each .txt file is associated with a .torrent file (I would need to name these txt so AutoIT can find them and associate them with a .torrent file).

It needs to paste the description in the description field in mininova, choose the appropriate category for that file...(i,e is it software, movies etc). Then automatically browse for the correct torrent file, ready for upload. I just enter the capture and upload..

The tricky bit is associating different files with each other. I want this to be nearly completely automated so I load all the files in the program in the beginning, then it just works...I would only need to enter captures....

Any Idea where to start?

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Any Idea where to start?

I sure do. The help file is as good a place as any.

EDIT: I should have also included AutoIt 1-2-3 in there. It's an excellent tutorial.

My whole point is, we are not here to write your code. We will however help when you run into problems. You have to put forth the effort to learn how to use AutoIt before you can expect help.

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