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DVD skip programming problem

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I'm using wmp and trying to get the dvd chapters to display and skip through. I've figured out how to skip through chapters, but the way I have it set up is more complicated than it needs to be and wont skip sequentially to the next chapter regardless of what chapter I'm on. Basically, if I start at chapter 1 I can skip all the way through sequentially, and go backwards. But if I watch from chapter 1-5 and then hit skip, I'll end up skipping to chapter 2. Also, the way I acquire the chapters and count isn't the proper way, so I'd like to get the "proper" coding for that. This is how I get the chapter count because I can't find it anywhere on the net and msdn doesn't really help in this: "$oPlayer1.URL = "wmpdvd://G/1/1"" allows me to play a dvd. The last number indicates the chapter. I do a "Do Until" to cycle through with a variable as the last number, and when there is an error, it would mean the max count has been reached. And from that I have the total chapter count and I put a "1" in a variable to skip through. Basically a bunch of unneccessary complications to do something that should be simple.

So can someone show me a simple way to 1/ get the chapter count of a DVD, 2/ skip through the chapters properly no matter where I am in the dvd.

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