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Access control over textblocks in scanning software

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Dear all,

I have a large number of pages to be scanned using a scanner software, which automatically divides the text into blocks and numbers them.

If I use that software without automation, I can delete blocks, so that the text in them (or an image) doesn't get included in the OCR text


I'd now like to use AutoIT to get access to the individual blocks, so that I can save them in different pages, decide whether to include

them in the text result or not (e.g., because they are headers or footnotes) -- and of course, I'd like to automate the process.

I tried AutoIT windows info (see attached image), but it always gives the same info, no matter which block is activated (in the underlying software,

I could now cut out that block or paste it to the clipboard), but I don't see how I could get access to this block somehow.

So my question is: is there something in Autoit that can give information about how a textblock could be identified as a Windows object ?

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,


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