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Help - Sort of >Name Editor.

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Greetings people!

I would like some help on an Idea of an Name Editor, if anyone would bother giving me some help :)

See, I got this idea for a name editor:

Posted Image

But I really need some help.

I can create the GUI myself,

but not a input box which will write the chart as u click on the button,

anyone who can help me?

And also, if some1 have an idea how I can make an option to tune of and on:

First chart cap.

Like 1-type shift which will default be on, and can be turned off?

Thx in advance if some1 would like to help me :P

I only need one button to work (As type in the input box)

then I can create more myself,

OH! And if anyone knows how I can make a button to copy the input box as shown on the picture :P

Thank you, if u\d help me!

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PS> Name editor for games! :) hehe

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