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Script to measure performance

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I am new to this forum. I am trying to code a script that will do following

1) It will open citix application

2) Choose Published iE that opens our Webbased application

3) It wil log in and do some read only transactions.

4) It should note the time to do thes transaction and write to a txt file.

I have alaready done 1 and 2 and part of 3. However, I am getting issues

1) Does Autoit work with actual tags on the HTMl pages rather than clicking on the x/y coordinates.

2) How can I write the results in Txt file. Do you have an example.

3) If we are using X/y coordinates to click, will it have problem if resolution change. I have seen this problem on other macro recording applications.

I would appreciate if you could guide me with the above.


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@ 1

Yes if I get what you're talking about, look into the IE Management UDF (User Defined Function).

@ 2

Look in the help file for the functions FileOpen, FileWrite, FileWriteLine.

@ 3

Probably but if you can use the IE UDF then it should be fine.

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Hello Thanks for your reply. Let me llok at the function you have mentioned.

Appreciate your help

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