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New DVD object

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I'm tired of messing with the wmp object for dvd, so I found MSVidWebDVD. But I don't know how to activate it as an object in autoit. Some help please?

Here is the vb code"

Option Explicit
' Create the DVD and Adm objects. Be sure to create the DVD using
' WithEvents to access object-specific events.
Dim WithEvents oVidWebDVD As MSVidWebDVD
Dim oVidWebAdm As MSVidWebDVDAdm

' Build the graph to prepare for playback. Does not start playback.
Sub BuildGraph()
   ' First insert the DVD Navigator filter.
   oVideoControl.View ("DVD:")

   ' Then enable closed-captioning feature. 
   ' All features must be added before Build or Run methods.
   Call AddCC

   ' Next build the graph.

   ' Finally, instantiate the control objects.
   Set oVidWebDVD = oVideoControl.InputActive
   Set oVidWebAdm = oVidWebDVD.DVDAdm
 End Sub

' Start playback from Play button.
Sub cmdRun_Click()
End Sub

I believe this is the best page to get basic initialinfo:


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Forgot about this post, here is the solution to get it running. After this, you call the methods/functions you need.

$oDVD1 = ObjCreate("MSVidCtl.MSVidCtl.1")
$oDVD2 = ObjCreate("MSVidCtl.MSVidWebDVD.1") 
$oDVD3 = ObjCreate("MSWebDVD.MSDVDAdm.1");Not needed unless you need administration functions

$oDVD1.View ("DVD:")
$oDVD2 = $oDVD1.InputActive;Get msvidwebdvd video functions working
$oDVD3 = $oDVD2.DVDAdm;Not needed unless you need administration functions
$oDVD2.DVDDirectory = "G:\\VIDEO_TS";Not needed unless you have multiple Roms
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