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I have 3 questions... Pease help me

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I is beginner autoit script programmer. Please help me.

I have 3 questions...

1) Question.

Exist problem with this.

#include <ChangeResolution.au3>

On compiling process (SciTE4Autoit3) i get next message:

#include <ChangeResolution.au3>

Error: Error opening the file

I have XP PRO SP2 and AutoIt v3.2.12.1

My code:


#include <GUIConstants.au3>

#include <ChangeResolution.au3>


;~ Change Screen Parameters

If $CmdLine[1]="ChangeScreenParam" then

$Rezolution=_ChangeScreenRes($CmdLine[2] ,$CmdLine[3] ,$CmdLine[4] ,$CmdLine[5])

FileDelete(@TempDir & "\ScreenParam.at_")

$filepar = FileOpen(@TempDir & "\ScreenParam.at_", 1)

FileWriteLine($filepar, $CmdLine[2])

FileWriteLine($filepar, $CmdLine[3])

FileWriteLine($filepar, $CmdLine[4])

FileWriteLine($filepar, $CmdLine[5])




2) Question.

I dont get result for @HomeShare. (I have XP PRO SP2) AutoIt v3.2.12.1 ;~

Get HomeInfo If $CmdLine[1]= GetHomeInfo then FileDelete(@TempDir &

HomeInfo.txt ) $fileHInfo = FileOpen(@TempDir & HomeInfo.txt , 1)

FileWriteLine(@TempDir & HomeInfo.txt , @HomeShare)

FileWriteLine(@TempDir & HomeInfo.txt , @HomeDrive)

FileWriteLine(@TempDir & HomeInfo.txt , @HomePath) FileClose($fileHInfo)


3) Question.

;~ This not normal! If number of If is = to number of EndIf - as get ERROR!I have XP PRO SP2,

AutoIt v3.2.12.1;~

;~ InputBox

If $CmdLine[1]="InputBox" then

If Not IsDeclared("sInputBoxAnswer") Then Dim $sInputBoxAnswer

$sInputBoxAnswer = InputBox($CmdLine[2],$CmdLine[3],$CmdLine[4],$CmdLine[5],$CmdLine



Case @Error = 0 ;OK Button

FileDelete(@TempDir & "\InputBox.at_")

FileWrite(@TempDir & "\InputBox.at_", $sInputBoxAnswer)

Case @Error = 1 ;Cancel Button

Case @Error = 3 ;The InputBox failed to open




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@Q 1

Where is ChangeResolution.au3 located?

I think the only places it can be are:



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Richard Robertson

As for number 2, what output are you getting and what are you expecting? You may be misunderstanding the macro.

On number 3, you can't have code on the end of an If Then statement but use a block. You must move the Dim statement down to the line below.

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Thanks all. Now I know more. After change all works! But I do not understand when and as it is possible to use macros: @HomeShare and @LogonDNSDomain to get result. There can be for this purpose my computer should be a network server? :)

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