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Control Pivot Table update

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Implementing pivot table in Excel. I can create the pivot table in AutoIt without problem. The problem is that I want to defer recalculating the pivot table until I have added all data fields (otherwise each update takes a long time). I'll do a single update at end. This isn't working through AutoIt.

The COM code below, waiting to update at the end, works fine in VBA as a macro in Excel but the ManualUpdate property has no effect in AutoIt.

The general steps are:

create a pivot cache

create a pivot table using the pivot cache

set manual update property to false to defer updating the file until I specify

add pivot fields

do update

Step 3 is having no effect so it is recalculating after each added pivot field.

$range = $Alabama_sheet.Range("A1:I28278")

$pivotCache = $Excel.ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Create(1, $range)

$destrange = $pivotSheet.Range("A1")

$pivotTable = $pivotSheet.PivotTables.Add($pivotCache, $destrange)

; problem here, doesn't get set

$pivotTable.ManualUpdate = True

ConsoleWrite("manualupdate: " & $pivotTable.ManualUpdate & @CRLF) ; this shows -1

. ; set pivotfields here


; we want to do an update here after setting all the pivot fields

; $pivotTable.Update()


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I'm interested in this as well. Does anyone have any experience with using COM to defer the PivotTable Update?


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