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Want to make super simple pic viewer

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For some background, I have used autoit, a decent bit, for macroing, window processes, and for text file processing/reformatting. Haven't messed much with gui, aside from some yes/no/cancel box's.

On to my current issue -- Lately, I have become very frustrated, in trying to find a picture viewer for XP that works like the picture viewer in Vista, in just 3 fairly small (I feel) respects.

So simple, is what I want, that I would not at all be surprised, if its possible to do it with autoit, in like less than 100 lines.

I could be completely wrong though -- So before I really start digging in and trying this out -- I just want to see how easy/hard you people think this would be to do.

All I want, is a program, that will display pics with the following 3 control functions --

  • Scroll Wheel on mouse zooms in and out of pic (preferably zooms towards the place in the picture the pointer is currently hovering over)
  • When zoomed in, you can click-and-grab the pic, to move it around in the viewable area.
  • Left and right arrow on keyboard, change to next/prev pic in folder
How hard/easy does this sound to you?

p.s. ofcourse, if anyone knows of a free program for XP that already has this functionality, by all means, please let me know. No point in programming it myself, if it already exists.

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Well -- Honestly, if someone could program this is some ridiculously small amount of lines, I'd still love to see it. (and would probably use it, just for the novelty of it)

But my actual problem is indeed solved. I finally found an app to do what I want.

Just in case anyone else reading this is like me and wants a free program for XP that views pics like in vista (as explained above) then check out http://www.faststone.org/.

FastStone Image Viewer 3.5

FastStone MaxView 2.1

Both of these, work for the task. And actually in both of these, you can choose exactly how it functions. (i.e. what the arrow keys do, and what the scroll wheel does, etc, etc.)

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