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How to get the information of a window?

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I have an application, (SetFSB) which show a window with some information. I want to get that (text) information and put it o a variable, eg $the_info_of_the_window

The autoit window info gives me this:

>>>> Window <<<<

Title: SetFSB

Class: hspwnd0

Position: 84, 52

Size: 524, 267

Style: 0x16CA0000

ExStyle: 0x00000100

>>>> Control <<<<

Class: Static

Instance: 133

ClassnameNN: Static133


Text: 266.0/532.0/100.0/33.3MHz

Position: 284, 74

Size: 210, 18

ControlClick Coords: 28, 7

Style: 0x50001001

ExStyle: 0x00020000

I want to get the text info "266.0/532.0/100.0/33.3MHz" so the variable $the_info_of_the_window=266.0/532.0/100.0/33.3MHz

Thanks ,

edit.. No one knows? Its a newbie question.. I think it is simple i just dont know how yet ..

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Ok I found it after allot of reading.. All I wanted was that:

$the_info_of_the_window=ControlGetText ( "SetFSB", "", "[CLASSNN:Static133]" )

I write it just if someone searching for something like this..

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