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Windows IDS / Log Watching / ArpWatch

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DecaffeinatID: A Very Simple IDS / Log Watching App / ARPWatch For Windows

This project started because I wanted a simple ARP Watch like application for Windows. In a short matter of time, feature creep set in. DecaffeinatID is a simple little app that acts as an Intrusion Detection System (more of a log watcher really) to notify the user whenever fellow users at their local WiFi hotspot/ LAN are up to the kind of "reindeer games" that often happen at coffee shops and hacker cons. For more information on the sort of attacks I'm talking about see my article Caffeinated Computer Crackers. It's not meant to be a replacement for something more feature rich (but complicated) like Snort.

More details and current code here:


but I'll also attach the first version to this post.


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