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need to search a windows popup dialog

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Hi, new to AutoIt.

I need a way to get text from a window and all sub-windows to determine if a particular specific sub-window is now on the screen, that sub-window would have "OPEN PROJECT" (in the Windows Movie Maker program -- which is NOT in the main window -- so when I see in the AutoIt script the "OPEN PROJECT", then the AutoIt script would know the sub-window is now on-screen, so then I could have the AutoIt script I am writing go ahead to do the next desired thing).

I can get a left click on the main menu, to get to the FILE sub menus (that works), but in the script (I am just using AutoIt scripting, I am not using an AutoIt compiled .EXE), since it happens so fast (the left click I issue) I need a way to spin / wait / then come back again to see if that sub-window is now displayed on screen.

What AutoIt functions allow me to retrieve actual TEXT from all possible windows and all sub-windows, until I find the actual sub-window I need and am looking for (in this case the sub-window that has the "OPEN PROJECT" choice I need)? (If it is not displayed, I would then have the AutoIt script go to sleep for a while, wake up, then try again, until the desired sub-window is seen -- at that point, I would issue an AutoIt "left click" to activate the desired choice needed by the AutoIt screen logic I am writing).

Thanks for helping me.

Paul Newcum

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