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Sending a @CR - odd result

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I'm using the following code (extracted from a larger app).

$MessageBody = GUICtrlCreateInput("Test message" & @CR & ("Line 2"), 80, 100, 280, 190, $ES_MULTILINE + $ES_AUTOVSCROLL)

Then later on...

Send(& GUIRead($MessageBody)"",1)

Ok, the @CR creates a unknown character in the GUICtrlCreateInput box which shows up as a small square/rectangle. When I pass the text to my application it behaves as expected, putting in the CR.

If I hit the enter key within GUICtrlCreateInput it moves down to the next line but when I send it to my application it treats it as a CTRL+ENTER key stroke.

Does anyone know why or how I can get rid of this problem?

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