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Excel charts

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I try to create an Excel chart and set the XValues with a range of cells but it doesn't work.

Here is the code I use, the chart is Ok, the position and the title too but not the Xlabel.

$objExcel.ActiveChart.ChartType = $xlLine;Lignes.
$objExcel.ActiveChart.SetSourceData ($objExcel.Worksheets($xlFeuilleOrdi).Range("E2:E" & String($xlLigDonnes)), 2) $objExcel.ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).XValues = "=ACACIA!R2C1:R1000C1"
$objExcel.ActiveChart.Location ($xlLocationAsObject, $xlFeuilleAnalyse)
With $objExcel.ActiveChart
    .HasTitle = True
    .HasLegend = False
    .ChartTitle.Characters.Text = $xlFeuilleOrdi & " : utilisation réseau"
    .Parent.Top = $objExcel.ActiveSheet.Range("D" & String($xlLig)).Top
    .Parent.Left = $objExcel.ActiveSheet.Range("D" & String($xlLig)).Left
    .Parent.Name = $xlFeuilleOrdi & "_Graph_Réseau"

I'm searching a solution since a lot of days but anything works. I didn't find solution on the forum.

I tried the Kerros' function without success.

Thanks for your help.


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Any ideas ? ?

I post a picture to show what I get and what I need.

It seems the code for XValues is ignored by Excel or Autoit.

A syntax error ?


Posted Image

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