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AntiVirus Kaspersky Internet Security and Autoit ...

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I just drop my old antiviurs for Kaspersky Internet Security and now I get weird autoit behavior ...

Basically my scripts automate GIMP (free picture program ), so a lot of send( ...)

Scripts were running fine before Kasp .

first it seems Autoit try to accest avp.exe ( Kasp's program) and Kasp reports that in his event log and seems to block that.

Result after a few picture done send doesn't send caracters anymore. (or send wrong character)

so I unchecked Kaspersky self protection.

now I can process 5 or 6 pictures before it stop...

if I disable completly Kasp I can run the script on 50 pictures without problem ...

anyone with the same behavior has found what are the settings for Kaspersky ?


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Richard Robertson

Does it have a spyware blocker? That may be intercepting virtual keystrokes. If there is a spyware protection branch, can you disable it for AutoIt, or disable it completely for a while?

I don't know anything about the software, I'm just trying to help.

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I put autoit.exe into Kaspersky Trusted Zone, I gave it permission to do whatever it want :) P

but it seems I also have to keep Kaspersky self protect option unactive.

for the moment it fixed my problem ...

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