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Another unfinished project

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Well as the topic says its unfinished and it seems i never finish any project...

its for reference for anyone who's going to trying to try make a fully functional/faster one

what is it?

-basically its a memory searcher

-the only problem is that search speed isn't great with method used with V1, and the method in V2 crashes at Stringsplit


-V1: basically does a virtquery of selected process and reads the section into a single Byte[xxx] return, then uses stringinstr() to search within it.

-V2: same as V1 but instead of stringinstr() it uses stringsplit() method...which causes an error

i personally would like to further the development of this project but unfortunately search speed is slow on V1 so there is no point unless i can get a faster method like V2...

well this code is messy... feel free to ask questions if you have any :)

V1 and V2 attached below



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Also, codeboxes are great.

Great idea, btw, but you're probably going to have to look outside AutoIt to speed things up to a useable level.

However, I've always wanted an easily scriptable memory search tool, as that would cut down on locating pointers and so on, and also automating offset discovery. This is nice :)

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well... personally i think it might be possible to make this relatively fast if you focus down to dll calls and math, so my personal goal would be to make it in autoit anyways ;p

Edit: Added files to orginal post

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