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did WinMinimizeAll() behaviour change?

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I just noticed the update last night. So I went ahead and updated. Then spent the next 2 hours trying to figure out why my custom monitor program stopped working.

monoceres wrote an updater for everyone that I tried and it let me know I was missing #include <WindowsConstants.au3> and I see that we should now be using #include <GUIConstantsEX.au3> instead of <GUIConstants.au3>. OK, that lets me start it. Thank you very much BTW.

My Monitor script was setup in such a way to ignore the WinMinimizeAll() command. I removed the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons from it. It does not show up on the task bar nor the Alt-TAB list. It was not forced on top of other windows, nor do I want it to be. I just don't want it to ever get minimized. It sits in the corner quietly reporting several things to me.

After updating to the new version and after another script called the WinMinimizeAll() func (invoked from my mouse) the monitor script got minimized. Not only that but If I stopped the script and restarted it, it would now disappear as soon as I clicked anywhere. Normal behavior would return after a reboot. Naturally I did not noticed this for about the first hour and a half of messing with it. I was convinced something in the monitor script needed to be fixed. Something in my GUI design.

Once I noticed that WinMinimizeAll() now for some reason does a RESTORE when called a second time I found the problem. I've replaced the WinMinimizeAll() with the command


and things seem to be working normally.

This seems odd to me. Why does the WinMinimizeAll() command work on windows that used to ignor it and worse, why does it restore windows that it minimized when called a second time. If that function was needed why not create a new command call winrestore or something...... Hmm I see there is now a WinMinimizeAllUndo().... Is that new?

I'm guessing from the existence of that undo command that WinMinimizeAll() is not supposed to be doing what its doing.

A quick search is not showing anything. Is this already known about?

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