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Need Help: Free/Unload Dll of Remote Process

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Hi there,

hopefully someone could help to solve this problem:

- There is an Application with is attached via AppInit_Dlls Regkey unter HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows to every started process

- I want to unload this Dlls from any process, so i can delete it. Otherwise i have to remove this regkey and reboot to to delete this dll.

As far as I unterstood the problem this is possible:

- I must create a remote thread in every target process that loaded this Dll

- An then attempt to call FreeLibrary() in order to unload the target dll.

I´ve searched in this forum, but could not find a solution for this. _Injectdll etc... does Load a Libary, but not an unload of an Dll ..

I am a newbie wirting with autoit, so an help is welcome..



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