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Here's a very simple (by very simple, i'm talking holy crap simple) script I made a couple of years ago (When working on my Webcam Pong Project) that I never released. I leave it basically untouched from when I made it, since why mess with a good thing. There are a couple ideas in my head about what to do with it, however i'll leave that up to you guys.

Couple of notes:

All instructions are layed out in the script when you run it, so don't worry if your confused right now. All you need is a webcam, and you're ready to go!

In order to have perfect tracking, choose a tracking color that is nowhere to be found in your room. A good idea is to choose a green, red, orange, ect. highlighter, and turn off the lights while a blacklight is on. That will give you a bright color with a black background.

Another idea is to track IR light, with the lights off. Camera's can pick up the light from IR LED's, so using that with the lights off is another option.

Couple of ideas I've been thinking of:

Some sort of flight control game, where the grid your on determines the path.

Maybe someone could narrow down the grid so that there is 9 squares in each grid, leaving 81 possible sections. You could keep narrowing it down to perfect mouse positioning, and then fullscreen it and have a full screen mouse movement. If this is done, someone could potentially put the camera behind them and work out some sort of "touch screen" system.

Old NES Mario type game control.

I'm rambling, so heres the script. Have fun. Oh, and yes, I amlooking forward to working on the Pong Script very, very soon, if anyone is still interested. Seems like someone a couple of weeks ago made a copy of it, so I may make some breakout sort of game.


I forgot to mention, there are a couple hotkeys.

Tab- Pauses the script

Esc- Terminates the script


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