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AutoIT for an invention

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hi guys, I'm having my thesis right now and I thought automation would be a good idea. Can you help me think of a program that should be automated...It has to be something new -- meaning it was never done before. It must be related to the field of Computer Science. Sorry I am just desperate since all of my proposals were rejected. TIA

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You could try a 'New Windows XP install' script

What I mean is:

When you installed Windows XP from scratch you don't have anything in it yet.

So a script that says to insert the MS Office 2007 CD and autoruns the install.msi (or something)

and then when the Office install is finished it tells you to inset this CD and auto runs that .exe

Or maybe a LDAP import/export/browse utility.

Or a existing-file encryption. (that would work for every file on ur pc)

I think these examples are (or parts of it) allready here, but maybe you could use 'em.

My active project(s): A-maze-ing generator (generates a maze)

My archived project(s): Pong3 (Multi-pinger)

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