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Guest yaojii

script works when xp is locked

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Guest yaojii

Hello . I want to make my script work everyday at a exact time even when the computer is locked. I found a command may help us for this.

AT [\\computername] [ [id] [/DELETE] | /DELETE [/YES]]

AT [\\computername] time [/iNTERACTIVE]

[ /EVERY:date[,...] | /NEXT:date[,...]] "command"

\\computername Specifies a remote computer. Commands are scheduled on the

local computer if this parameter is omitted.

id Is an identification number assigned to a scheduled


/delete Cancels a scheduled command. If id is omitted, all the

scheduled commands on the computer are canceled.

/yes Used with cancel all jobs command when no further

confirmation is desired.

time Specifies the time when command is to run.

/interactive Allows the job to interact with the desktop of the user

who is logged on at the time the job runs.

/every:date[,...] Runs the command on each specified day(s) of the week or

month. If date is omitted, the current day of the month

is assumed.

/next:date[,...] Runs the specified command on the next occurrence of the

day (for example, next Thursday). If date is omitted, the

current day of the month is assumed.

"command" Is the Windows NT command, or batch program to be run.

I write a small script



WinWait("Untitled - Notepad")

ControlSend ( "Untitled - Notepad", "", "Edit1", "day is " &@YEAR &" " & @MON & " " & @MDAY )

ControlSend("Untitled - Notepad", "","","!f")

ControlSend("Untitled - Notepad", "","","S")

WinWait("Save As", "")


ControlFocus("Save As","","Edit1");

ControlSend("Save As","","Edit1","yaojiqing1.txt{ENTER}")


ControlSend("yaojiqing1.txt - Notepad", "","","!f")

ControlSend("yaojiqing1.txt - Notepad", "","","x")

WinWait("yaojiqing1.txt - Notepad")

WinClose("yaojiqing1.txt - Notepad")

; Finished!



Then compile it as c:\notepad1.exe.

at time /interactive c:\notepad1.exe

After doing this, at the "time" , notepad1.exe run. My question is

1: Is that only for controlXXX . Can I use mouseClick or some other command?

2: I am trying to controlsend c:\yaojiqing1.txt. But it always sends c;\yaojiqing1.txt. Why ? I cannot handle this.

Thanks for help.

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