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NFS Send problem

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I'm trying to send keys to a windowed Need for Speed : Underground 2 application. But if I use like this (NFS windows is active/focused) :

Send ("{UP}")

It won't move. I've also tried ControlSend, like this :

Global $NFSTitle = "NFS Underground 2 - Window Mode By Wiccaan"

Global $NFSClass = "GameFrame"

ControlSend ($NFSTitle, "", $NFSClass, "{UP}")

But it doesn't move. I use it in a While loop (when a pixelcolor is 0XFFFFFF for ex. it should send keys...and yeah color is constantly located, so it's not a problem). I've also tried to use with this :

AutoItSetOption ("SendKeyDelay", 20)

But nothing....

Anybody knows what's the problem ?

Thanks in advance !

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