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Function to force delete a file?

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We were hit with a flooding virus over the weekend and now are trying to come up with an automated way to clean up the mess. Basically this one once it infects a computer, it puts that computer's profile on any computer that will accept it, flooding the network and hard drives.

So I've whipped out Auto It and have a script written to delete profiles that were created and modified 5 minutes or less apart (90% or so of the virus activity) but we are running into a problem that some of the files say they are locked.

Rebooting the computer frees the files to be deleted like normal, and the computer that originally gave the profiles is no longer infected or active, so there shouldn't still be a connection to the computer.

Does Autoit have a function or UDF that will allow me to take a file out of use and delete it?

anyone have ideas?

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