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Can I use a compiled autoit script while the debugger is running?

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I am using a compiled AutoIt script to configure some project settings and launch an application that then uses these settings.

Now here is my problem:

I would like to use the launcher within a visual studio debugger session. The launched Program (it is SynthEdit.exe) loads my dll that I want to debug.

When I try to start the launcher from the debugger it refuses to work and gives me an error message instead:

'This is a compiled AutoIt script ...'

Of course I do not intend to reengineer or disassemble the compiled script.


Is there any way to get the exe running in the described situation?

If not: could I use the uncompiled script with the interpreter? How would I then hand the command line options on to the script? (a small example explaining the syntax would be great)


Andreas Sumerauer




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