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Can Autoit Support WinSock?

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I was wondering if Autoit could support WinSock. If it can then wow... I got alot of work to do. This could be so handy for many differant things.

If it does support it, how would you do it? Would it work from the dll? Then Control Commands? Explain Please.

Also, if it doesn't support it, will it ever?

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Searched au3xtra.dll and it didn't tell me anything...

All I want to know is if winsock is supported or possible to use...

If you want to play easter egg hunt, then I need another hint.


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The link you gave me is somthing i found larry, thanks. I saw your posts on it but I can't seem to figure out how this implys that winsock could be used. You also gave me a .dll not a .zip.

I am guessing you guys are implieing that the tcp controls are a substitue for winsock?

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