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example of glDrawPixels anyone?

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hey guys, does anyone want to show an example of how to use the API fucn "glDrawPixels "...? ive tried it, like this, but as someone stated before, im putting the horse before the carrige or whatever... so i'd assume this is very wrong? or close?

While 1
   DllCall ("OpenGl32.dll", "ptr", "glDrawPixels", "int", "300", "int", "230", "str", "GL_GREEN", "str", "GL_INT", "int", "3")
   Sleep (100)

im probably gonna need some more dllcalls right? :lol: i remeber larry made something a WHILE ago that wrote "larry rocks" across the screen... id like something like that if you remeber that, but could you show me an example of how to use OpenGL commands..? ive got a list of them: glDrawPixels and others ... but i can't seem to get it right!! :idiot:



EDIT: it doesnt have to be that specific glDrawPixels but something that makes sonmething on the screen without a window that is an opengl command... :D

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