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Trying to understand how AutoIt converts between strings/numbers with Hex/Dec functions. I end up banging my head because of all these weird language quirks. Can someone explain to me why the first two cases work and the second two don't?

; we work

MsgBox(0, "Test: ", 0xAABBCC )

MsgBox(0, "Test: ", Dec("AABBCC") )

; we dont

MsgBox(0, "Test: ", Dec(0xAABBCC) )

MsgBox(0, "Test: ", Dec("0xAABBCC") )

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Correct syntax from helpfile:

$dec = Dec("FFFF");returns the number 65536

To explain this, it's just the way they made autoit :idiot:

Edit: typo

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If a function is returning a hexidecimal number in 0xABCDEF format, just stringtrim the 0x off

Function returns a hex in variable $hex

A StringTrimLeft($hex,2) would be your best bet then to convert it with the Dec() function.

Thus resulting in:


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