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Memory question

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I've got a little problem. The game is silkroad online.2 Silkroad characters are in the game.I want to show the first and the second character name in two labels.

First label:

#include <Mem.au3>

Global $CharPointer = 0x00CEA538

$var = WinList("[CLASS:CLIENT]")
For $i = 1 to $var[0][0] 
; ^^ Gets the PID and name of all sro clients, $var[1][1] is client 1, $var[1][2] is client 2 etc etc.
;///Gets the character name of the character in client 1\\\
Global $Process = WinGetProcess("SRO_Client")
$DllInfo1 = _MemoryOpen($Process)
Global $charname = _MemoryRead($CharPointer, $DllInfo1, "wchar[40]") 

Ok this is working for the first character.But how do i put the name of the 2nd character in the 2nd label?

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