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I was always looking for a color converter as stand-alone pgm (we can find a lot on the WEB as web page). :P

- The current UDF color.au3 gives "only" conversion between RGB and HSL with a single unit.

- "corz" with it's <corz_essentials.au3> implements another UDF with multiple unit and CMYK conversion (three color functions). Nice one.

So I decided to modify the original <color.au3> (now I rename it coolcolor.au3) with the following changes:

- Conversion between RGB <=> HSL

- Conversion between RGB <=> HSV

- Conversion between RGB <=> CMYK

- Single unit [0,1] (The end user will be responsible to convert into the final unit)

- As color.au3 all the conversions are based from this great site EasyRGB

Now about the pgm ColorConverter:

- Conversion from/into HSL

- Conversion from/into HSV

- Conversion from/into CMYK

- Conversion from/into Web (Hex)

- Display the actual color

- Independent unit selection of each color system

- Last unit used are saved into an INI file

Plan for the next Rev:

1) Add conversion from Pantone Color to the other system (via a table)

Let me know if you want other changes.

Have fun!!!





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