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WoW Modding Any One?!

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Well i need some one to make a WoW mod for me.. because i don't know how..

if you know how to make wow mods then this should be really easy..i think

what i need it todo is display a color in the corner of the screen depending on ingame Coord's

but the color has to be made with a type of Hex format so it can send info to the bot im makeing

this is the format i need it in

$Hex = Hex((($x+100)*1000)+($y+100),6)

so if $x = 10 and $y = -20 then

$Hex = Hex("110080",6)

I know i might be asking a lot but if any one can do this it will surely make my day

thank you in advance

if your having trouble then tell me and ill try to clarify

Edited by xZZTx

Sorry For Any Spelling / Grammar Errors I May Make.... I Failed English Wayyyy To Many Times..

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Take a look at a program called Pirox Bot. I belive it has a auto-it code that puts a colored dot on the back of the players head. Maybe you can get some ideas from it.

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