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Automating CS3Clean.exe

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I'm trying to create an AutoIt script to make CS3Clean.exe run unattended. As you might know, CS3Clean is a utility provided by Adobe to remove any parts of Adobe software from your PC. It's a compiled python script that runs in a command line interpreter.

During execution some questions are asked which can be automated by AutoIt easily. After these questions are answered the tool will start searching/removing Adobe stuff from the PC. When it's done the following message appears within the same window (header title stays the same):

Completed, press Enter to exit: _

My problem is, I have no idea how to automate that last {Enter}... The time it takes depends on many factors. It's a simple dos buy yeah, iIs there a way to automate this one?

Many thanks!

The stuff I have now:

WinWaitActive("C:\Program Files\Novadigm\Packages\CS3Clean\cs3clean.exe")

Send("e {ENTER} y {ENTER} n {ENTER} 4 {ENTER} n {ENTER} n {ENTER} n {ENTER} GO {ENTER}")

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