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RunasWait from network not working

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i have a batch file which starts a vbs and has to wait for it to end.

i need to run this bat file as admin so i made the following code in auto-it:

#include "Admin_credentials.AU3"

Local $sInstallFile = "TV115Brother.bat"

; Run a command prompt as the other user.

RunAsWait($sUserName, $sDomain, $sPassword, 3, $sInstallFile)

the compiled exe runs great if started from local hard drive. (the batch file starts, the vbs starts, and the batrch continues after the vbs ends...)

However, when i start this exe from a network location, nothing happens...

i tried specifying the workingdir parameter

Local $sTempdir = "C:\temp"

RunAsWait($sUserName, $sDomain, $sPassword, 3, $sInstallFile,$sTempDir)

where i defined "$sTempdir" as a local path (c:\) or a network location... but neither works...

(the admin account i used in the credentials.au3 file has full access on the different folders i tried; the folder where the exe is being run from, the local temp path as well as the network temp path)

i tried specifying the full unc path of the $sInstallFile, but to no avail...

i tried using the different logon flags, but this also doesn't work...

(i use the (undocumented) logon flag "3" as you may have seen, but i forgot why, i've been strugglin with this script for a long time already... this problem here is yet another one i encounter, seems like every step leeds to another... ;-) notes on this flag "3" are welcome as well)

ideas anyone?



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