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Odd result from _IECreate

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Running Vista 64x, and if I use $oIE = _IECreate("http://www.google.com") it creates the IE window, but it also creates a blank IE window.

It runs the command and first a blank IE window appears that is not navigated to any site, a second later an IE window appears navigated to google like it should be. Why is this first window being created and not used? Any way to stop that? I have tried telling it to attach and it still creates 2 windows. Even calling the function with no website (just an empty string) pulls up 2 windows. Using the _IE_Introduction (basic) only opens 1 window like expected. Any ideas?

EDIT: Also, when I set visible to 1, it does not show the blank window, but it DOES show the google window.

EDIT2: Ok, seems to be working after #RequireAdmin

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