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Script for LEGAL Napster Client

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The Napster Thick Client for Napster To Go does not work on OSX. However, my wife can make playlists via Firefox and I can DL those songs to a Windows box to load on her player. I have worked up most of a script that will download the playlist on command. However I have some issues with ControlClick and sending a navigation Tree a Right Click Command.

Run("D:\Program Files\Napster\napster.exe")
Send("!M");get to the menu



Sleep( 5000 );wait for login

$tree = ControlGetHandle("Napster", "", "[ID:5013]");get the tree

$item = ControlTreeView("Napster", "", $tree, "Select", "My Playlists|Web Added");click on the Web Added Playlist

Sleep( 5000 );wait for expand

ControlClick("Napster", "", "[ID:5013]", "right", 1, 98, 118);right click to get download playlist option

;select download from list if the right click actually worked?

Send("!M");get to the menu

Send("o"); Logout

The issue is getting the tree (id 5013) to accept the right click command. I think I'm telling it that I want it to click one time with the right click at coordinates x:98, y:118, but the above script doesn't do this. I have even tried identifying 5013 by its class and instance name with no results either. I did a google and forum search and didn't seem to find any issue with what I have above. If anyone sees a glaring mistake let me know. I'll continue to seek a work around and keep everyone posted. My assumption at the moment is that the Napster thick client just isn't accepting the controlclick command?

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