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Automating Trackbars or Sliders in windows

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I just downloaded AutoIt, and wow. What an awesome app. Probably one of the best pieces of open source stuff I have found in a looooong time.

I am a rookie and need some help automating a trackbar (slider) in windows. I was trying to do it on the desktop resolution slider without much luck.

I figure there are a few ways I can do it:

1.) Move the mouse to a relative coord on the display properties, and pull the slider to the left. Wait until the text "640x480" can be seen (not sure what function to use to do that. Then move it over one click.

2.) Do the same thing but use keystrokes to move one hashmark at a time.

3.) Use some magical function you expert type guys know about to directly read what value the slider is at and send a message to move it one hashmark. This would be the preferred way. Can I do this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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