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How do i prevent sending a packet to a certain ip and port?

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No, i do NOT want to make any illegal software with this code.

Hmm... Why did my thread get locked? They didn't even listen to me!

Why, i know the mod kind. They feel cool for silencing any person if they can, possibly without even listening to him. This is like this for not only forums, but online games and chatrooms. Mods report mute ban and lock all they can to gain respect. Well, you didn't expect me to fight back?


First of all, how could preventing a packet to be sent to a certain ip AND port for a small amount of time do any harm?

Oh, why, i know you will say i want to prevent any error reports sent eh? You also say i do not want to enable the connection at all? Heck, it's easy to predict your questions. Well, how about we know the beautiful device called a phone?

What would that win me? 10 Seconds? And thats time for what?

All this code could do is slow down connection with a certain server. What would it cost to get rid of the problem? A reboot? All you need is ctr+alt+delete, my friends, and the "virus" is done for!

Even tough, if i wanted to make any illegal stuff, how could i be so dumb to ask for advice on an official site? You could just track my ip down, i admit i don't use proxies. Why? I feel totally safe because i'm not doing or planning anything that is illegal in any Country or State.

I would rather ask on an underground website if i ever, EVER wanted to make anything "bad". You think a hacker who can code on AutoITv3 would be so dumb to ask for hacking advice on an official site? Erm, please, that doesn't make sense.

Now, if you want to lock this thread, i demand an answer first. An answer for this question: What harm could this code i'm asking for do?

Also, what could i possibly make with this code that would be bad?

While you can prove what i'm saying is not true, you will still be wrong, because i never intended to do this kind of stuff.

You can lie to yourself that all i wanted to do is trick you, so you will live free of guilt, but deep inside you all will know what you are doing to many users is purely evil.

So, lock my thread as long as you have a logical answer, after that i hereby grant you rights to crush my personality for your very own gain.

So, i ask again:

I want to make a prank/joke program wich would make you lag like hell in online games.

Basically what i want to do is to have the ping for a certain ip never drop below a specified value.

It would work like you would have to set a minimum ping at the starting of the program, then it would ask for ip and port, finally you could activate and deactivate the "lag machine" by a hotkey.

When you activate the function to make the lag, a command would be run to block the connection on the specified ip and port, sleep the minimum lag amount, then unblock the connection for 100 miliseconds, then again block it(wend).

Here would be the example code:

$minping = inputbox("The Lag Machine" , "Please enter the minimum ping to suffer:")
$ipport = inputbox("The Lag Machine" , "Please enter the ip:port of the game server")
iniwrite ( @scriptdir&"/data.ini" , "Data" , "minping" , $minping)
iniwrite ( @scriptdir&"/data.ini" , "Data" , "ipport" , $ipport)
call ( "wait")
func wait()
    tooltip ( "Press F3 to start lagging" , 0 , 0 , "The Lag Machine")
    hotkeyset (  "{F3}" , "lag")
    while 1
    sleep (1000)
func lag()
    $minping = iniread ( @scriptdir&"/data.ini" , "Data" , "minping", "400")
    $ipport = iniread (@scriptdir&"/data.ini" , "Data" , "ipport", "")
    tooltip ("")
    hotkeyset ( "{F3}" , "wait")
    while 1
   ;block connection command needed here
        sleep ($minping)
   ;unblock connection command needed here
        sleep (100)

If anyone could help me with the command i'm looking for, or any other way, please post!


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If a mod locks your thread because you are asking a question about something that could be used maliciously, then you should respect their decision and figure it out yourself. You have no rights on this site, and demanding an answer won't stop a mod from locking your thread. It is also very disrespectful. If you want to control the type of help you receive, go to Rent-A-Coder and pay for it. This language is free, the editor is free, the help is free... you have no right to demand anything.

Even if you do not have bad intentions, there is no way to prove your case. If I were going to create something malicious and needed help, I'd try to manipulate people - which is what you could very well be doing. I'm not saying you are, but it is possible.

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It's not smart to yell at the mods of this site. Had you started a new topic and used a little respect you would have been fine.

How about you take a break for a day or two.


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