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Embed a WMV file into a GUI

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The Problem:

I want to create a small window, about 3inch².

I want to be able to play a wmv file (Or even a mpg, or mpeg at this point) in this window and have very basic controls at the bottom. Such as:





Mute Volume

The Reason:

I want this to be completely in AutoIt and not in Windows Media Player beacuse I am going to add effects to the window such as hiding when not in focus, calling it when a button is pressed, and fading. There are also more commands but you get the idea.

What I am looking for:

I just need to know what command will allow me to embed the video.

Also, what are the commands that will allow me to control the video.

Yes I admit I have not searched for the answer hardcore in the forums, I figured I would post this then look, so that this can be brewing while I search. Please don't flame...

I appreciate any help!

I love AutoIT! It doesn't talk back, it doesn't complain that ur on the computer, it loves to be ran over and over and over... but IT STILL DOESN'T DO THE DISHES... Gatta keep da pimp hand strong...

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Have a look here to maybe give you an example of playing mpg or avi in your gui.

playing video in your gui using mci

To use mci to play wmv then you need to add a reg entry for mci to play it..

The reg entry is the same as in the post I'm pointing at except the added entry would be "wmv"="mpegvideo".

The reason why we tell mci the wrong association is so mci will then use the registered filter that is normally used to play wmv by any other application. (sounds silly but it works)

As for the Volume mute and whatever you will need to work it out as you go along.


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