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Max in montreal

wingetpos help wanted...

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Max in montreal

I am trying to move one window around. I want it to move into an empty spot on the desktop. I have it playing the sound file each time it finds the window i am looking for...if 0 windows are found no sound...1 window 1 ding...4 windows 4 dings... it all works fin till i try the if statments...

Of the windows i am looking for, if there is one missing...i want the variable slot to be 0.

in the end i move another window in its place...what am i doing wrong....i think im not using this correctly...$position = WinGetPos ( "$tables[$i][0]" , "" )

For $i = 0 to $tables[0][0]  Step +1
SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\media\ding.wav",1)
$position = WinGetPos ( "$tables[$i][0]" , "" )
if $position[0] = 0 and $position[1] = 0 then 
    $slot1 = 1
elseif $position[0] = 0 and $position[1] = 573 then 
    $slot2 = 1
elseif $position[0] = 800 and $position[1] = 0 then 
    $slot3 = 1
    $slot4 = 1

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Max in montreal

got it...thank you...

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