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"un-defining" ?

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i am searching for a way of easily undefining or "nul"-ling a variable


Perl's undef function

The undefine function (undef) undefines a scalar variable, an array element or an entire array. If you inhale a large table into an array, undef can be used to clear the array and free up system memory. For example:

    open(COUNT,"/path/to/count/file.txt") || die "Can't Open Count Data File: $!\n"; 
    @count = <COUNT>;

    you can later do

    undef (@count);

    to free up memory resources. However


    is best for undefining a single element of a hash array. For example, if you load $hasharray{'element10'} you can do

    undef $hasharray{'element10'}

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The only way I know of doing that is to use:

$var = ""
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