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Shooting Starts bot

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This is my release of my first bot that won me top score for 22 hours and "won" me a prize (lets see if they send it)

Here's how to use it:

1. Go to Gamevance, register, and open the "Shooting Stars" game and wait till its at the title page with the button that says "*Start*" and maximize the window.

2. Let it run. It SHOULD hit most of the balloons with quite good accuracy, enough to go the full 60 seconds if not, then try again. I like that it doesn't have 100% accuracy (even though this is unintentional) cause it makes it more believable, but this is also the best i could get it, if you know of ways to improve the accuracy please let me know.

3. (optional). If you need to stop the script for any reason, pressing "s" will stop it, and pressing "s" again will toggle it off (and vice verse) And if the script gets out of control just hit "q" and it will Quit.

That's all there is to it. Thank you everyone for all the help especially TerarinKerowyn.



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